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Driven by the needs of the shooter.

Meeting demands.

Exceeding expectations.



The Basic Mirage Obstruction Device (BMOD) is a suppressor wrap designed for the sniper, hunter, or PRS shooter. The lightweight design mitigates mirage while providing camouflage. Learn more

We are the only ones offering designs such as the Freedom, Tactical Freedom, Thin Blue Line and many others. We are your custom suppressor cover shop.

Pro Series

The Pro Series wrap is designed with the PRS/NRL type shooter in mind. There is an inner core and an outer customizable layer. This wrap can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees and has a no slip design with the use of a Kevlar cord loop. Learn more

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Tripod Concealment Sleeves

Designed with the sniper in mind, these sleeves allow the shooter to add vegetation to their tripod. The sleeves also provide protection and noise dampening  characteristics that allow for a stealthy approach.

Great for snipers but also hunters who frequently use tripods.  Learn more

Tripod Shelf

Designed to aid the shooter when shooting from a tripod by making a place to hold gear and equipment. Whether you are shooting from the standing and need quick access to items like range finder, Kestrel, or magazines, or you are sitting on the side of the hill glassing for wildlife and need a place to put some food or binos, the tripod shelf is the perfect accessory for your tripod. Learn more

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Aerial Sniper Rig

Aerial Platform Rig

Years of research and testing have perfected the Sky Hawg rig. Listening to the needs of the sniper created a combat tested, highly adaptable aerial platform rig that is compatible with common aerial platforms used in the military. Learn More 

Custom Designs

Looking for something a bit different? We offer custom printed designs for your suppressor cover. From tiger stripe to tropical prints, we will work with you to create exactly what you are looking for. We also offer embroidery. Learn More 

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