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About Us

Rauch Precision was founded in 2017 by myself, Paul Butler. I am a 12 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. During my enlistment I spent 8 years with 1st Reconnaissance Battalion and 1st Force Recon. Those years were spent on 4 deployments including Iraq and Afghanistan. I attended multiple schools during this time including the Marine Corps Scout Sniper Basic Course at Stone Bay in Camp Lejeune. I attended multiple CQB and breaching courses and special insertion schools as well.


After 8 years, I went over to Expeditionary  Operations Training Group (EOTG) formerly known as Special Operations Training Group (SOTG). Here I became the lead Staff Non-Commisioned Officer In Charge (SNCOIC) of the Urban Sniper Course and the Aerial Sniper Course. I was responsible for course curriculum, logistical support, and the training of the Marine Corps Scout Sniper in advanced sniper tactics, techniques, and procedures. I was also responsible for training SEAL and MARSOC snipers who came through the course. 

It was here that I developed the Sky Hawg after seeing a gap in the snipers capability to engage from an aerial platform. Through hundreds of hours of testing and feedback, the Sky Hawg Mod 0 was developed and used during combat operations. Now Sky Hawg Mod 1 has been created to answer the needs of the aerial sniper during real world missions. 

I have a love for teaching long distance shooting and tactics that will help save the lives of our snipers and those they support. Methods and techniques are many these days, but the principles are few and unchanging. A mastery of the basics is essential to anyone going into harms way. 

We are here to provide quality products and superior training, whether it is to the hunter, PRS competitor, law enforcement or military. I will always put the quality of our training above everything else, because when it comes down to the shot, you will always revert to your lowest form of training.

The word "Rauch" comes from my grandparents whose last name was Weyrauch. I chose this name for my business three reasons:

1. To honor a part of my family history.

2. The word Rauch (pronounced "RAWK") promotes strength and stability which is critical for long range shooting.

3. In tribute to the one true Rock, Jesus Christ my Lord, who is the source of my strength and stability. It is my goal to do all things for His glory and His name. If you have any questions about this I would be honored to talk to you about it. 

- Paul Butler 

"As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." - Proverbs 27:17

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