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Sky Hawg

The Sky Hawg is a highly adaptable, fully adjustable, self-containing aerial sniper support rig designed to provide a stable shooting platform for the shooter. It sets up in under two minutes and can be broken down in under thirty seconds which allows for fast pace operations. 

The Sky Hawg is specifically designed for the UH-1Y helicopter but also adapts to the MH-60S. The Sky Hawg has already been used in combat operations with a great amount of success.


The Sky Hawg provides more support than “free gunning” and is sturdier than homemade rigs. Homemade rigs require many parts and a long set-up time which cannot be done while the helicopter is running without great risk to the helicopter turbines. 

The Sky Hawg will support your aerial sniper requirements during training and on deployment. 

Patent Pending


  • The straps are made of high strength, low stretch, abrasion resistant 1-inch polyester.

  • Vertical straps attach to the aircraft by twelve-jaw connectors and flat snap hooks.

  • The twelve jaw connectors are rated to 5,475 lbs.

  • The flat snap hooks are rated to 1,100 lbs. with a breaking strength of 3,300 lbs.

  • The three ratchets have a working strength of 1,100 lbs. and a breaking strength of 3,000 lbs. 

  • The adjustable horizontal strap uses a stainless steel friction adapter and 1-inch welded D-rings

  • All hardware is attached to the webbing with high strength, reinforced box stitching using bonded nylon thread. 


For installation instructions, please refer to the product manual. ​

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