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Shooter Bio

Aaron Christiano is a 5-year Marine Veteran. Where he served on and maintained CH46-E Dual Rotor Head Helicopter as an Avionicsman. He then moved to work on automation and control systems where his interests took him into application design and programming. His love and use of firearms training has spanned his lifetime, beginning in the Boy Scouts of America program in the early 90’s, where he earned the rank and title of Eagle Scout. He currently works in firearms retail as a manager and instructor for firearms handling and long-distance precision rifle shooting. As an avid shooter, he has been part of the ‘long-range’ crowd for over 8 years. He is currently active in the Precision Rifle Series for 2018. Where he is ranked in the top 100 within the South East Region. He plans on shooting until his trigger finger no longer works, then switching to a new finger. He is currently sponsored by the Alamo Gun Range and is an active member within the South Florida Precision Rifle Association as member and supporter. He shoots with his wife, who is a Naval Veteran and has also found a home within the PRS community. 


                “Ask questions. I can teach it to you, but I can’t understand it for you”

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