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Sky Hawg Mod 1

The Sky Hawg Mod 1 has been designed to incorporate many  improvements  and add modularity to the rigging system. The system has all of the benefits of the original Sky Hawg but allows the sniper to utilize the rig on 4 different helicopters and is fitted with a quick release for fast roping operations and emergency egress. The quick release will collapse the horizontal component of the rig in less than 1 second and can be rigged back up in under 15 seconds, allowing the sniper to get back in the fight as soon as possible. The Mod 1 is compatible with the rifle mounted gyro stabilizing system as well. 

Compatible Helicopters: UH-1Y, MH-60R, MH-60S, MH-60M


  • The webbing is high strength, abrasion resistant with a breaking strength of 6,000 pounds. 

  • 12-Jaw connectors are aircraft grade with a breaking strength of 5,475 pounds.

  • The ratchets are have a working load of over 1,000 pounds and a breaking strength of over 3,000 pends. 

  • All carabiners are rated to 23 Kn. 

  • The quick release has a working load of 1,940 pounds and a breaking strength of 3,300 pounds.

  • The adjustable horizontal strap uses a stainless steel friction adapter and 1-inch welded O-rings

  • All hardware is attached with to the webbing with reinforced box stitching using kevlar thread.

Lead time is currently 2 weeks for this product.

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