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Original Sky Hawg Aerial Sniper Rig

The Sky Hawg is the first of its kind. Aerial Snipers have always rigged helicopters to shoot out of, however it was a conglomeration of ratchets straps from the store, left over carabiners and rigging tape. There was no standardization and the rig was not very user friendly. The Sky Hawg was created to fill the gap of standardization and was originally designed for the UH-1Y helicopter though it has the capability of fitting the MH-60S. Its design allows for quick set up and break down, easily allowing the shooter to adjust the height and is capable of supporting a rifle mounted gyro stabilization system. This system has hundreds of hours of flight time and has been on multiple deployments while supporting combat operations. Patent Pending. Learn More

Sky Hawg Mod1 Aerial Sniper Rig

The Sky Hawg Mod1 is the product of years of research and feedback from real world missions. The modular rig attaches to the UH-1Y, MH-60R, MH-60S, and MH-60M. Special modifications include gyro stabilization (UH-1Y only) and quick release with rapid rigging capability. Designed to meet the needs of the Aerial Sniper, the Sky Hawg Mod 1 is the epitome of aerial sniper support. Patent Pending  Learn More

Custom Aerial Rigs

As an Aerial Sniper Instructor and inventor of the Sky Hawg, I have an in-depth understanding of rigging for aerial sniper operations. Let me help you with my expertise and experience in designing a custom aerial sniper rig for your platform. I have the ability to make the rig from scratch so it is not a conglomeration of parts never intended to meet the demands of aerial platform shooting. Standardize an aerial rig for your department today. Contact

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