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Pro Series Wolf Grey
  • Pro Series Wolf Grey

    The Pro Series is a specially designed cover meant to address the needs of the PRS/NRL shooter with its ability to mitigate mirage and stay in place during rapid fire stages with high round counts. Your suppressor heats up an average of 17 degrees each shot. The hotter your suppressor gets, the more mirage that you will see. Mirage will distort your sight picture and make it hard to zero and shoot targets at long distance. A shift in a suppressor cover not only has the potential to send it down range, but a shift in POI (point of impact) is also possible. The Pro Series helps obstruct the mirage and keeps your cover on your suppressor where it belongs. The inner material will withstand 1,000 degrees so there is no need to worry about burning it up.


    The webbing and "G" hook system keeps the outer cover tight to the inner core, while the Kevlar slip cord keeps the cover in place. The Kevlar cord can withstand temperatures of over 800 degrees...but let's be honest, if your barrel is that hot on your precision rifle, it is toast. 


    The wrap is designed to be used with suppressors that are on precision weapons and with