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Custom Tripod
  • Custom Tripod

    Rauch Precision has teamed up with Custom Gun Creations to deliver you custom tripods. With the durable and thin layer of Cerekote, you can paint all of the legs, unlike spray paint which gums up the legs and destroys the tripods functionality.


    You start with the PIG 0311 Tripod and then customize it the way that you want. 


    If you have custom lettering then please enter it in the provided space. If you have a specific graphic or logo then please email it to me at


    Put the color(s) in the provided box. A complete list of available colors can be found here or if you cannot find what you want it can be ordered for you. 


    If you are doing multiple colors please explain which parts will be painted their respective color.



    • Custom Patterns

      For custom patterns please email me the pattern at for a quote. Pattern price is based on number of colors and complexity

    • Lettering and Logos

      Select the lettering and logos option and then either input the lettering you want or email me a graphic.


      All graphics for logos need to be emailed to me. Complex logos will be subject to an additional $25 fee. 

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