The Rifle Mounted Gyro (RMG) is a gyro adapted to fit on the picatinny rail of a rifle in order to reduce unwanted movement in the reticle. The RMG-8 uses a Ken Lab KS-8 gyro in order to reduce the rifles movement on the X and Y axis. The rifle is suspended from the Sky Hawg rig which allows the gyro to effectively resist unwanted inputs from the helicopter. The gyro runs off of a 12V lithium iron phosphate battery in belt pouch that has a run time of 4 hours but also has the option of plugging directly into the auxiliary power of the aircraft. The gyro attaches to the rifle with a LaRue LT691 lever mount for quick  attachment and detachment. The RMG is currently only compatible with the Sky Hawg and Sky Hawg Mod 1 in the UH-1Y configuration. For further information or to request a quote please contact us.

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