Thunderbird Long Range Tacky Grande II
  • Thunderbird Long Range Tacky Grande II

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    The Tacky Grande II is the product of months of research and testing. It has the same excellent balance and ease of deployment as the Tacky Grande. Pinch it with two fingers or grab it by the handle, and it will easily lay on the barricade. Run it on the most challenging barricades for a solid shooting position whether it is a tank trap, cattle gate, pipe,or fencepost. The Tacky Grande II is just the right mix of shape and tacky material to stick on the barricade when loaded, but it isn't sticky so it slides right into position.


    The Tacky Grande II is the perfect sized bag when you want a large bag with a lot of mass that can run on barricades and run as a rear bag. When you want a solid platform and to fill lots of space, this does it. All that mass makes it a great front bag on any barricade.


    It weighs anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5pounds depending on how full you like it. It ships full you so you choose.We like to run it more floppy than full.


    It is made of a durable cordura and rubberized nylon fabric that isdouble stitched everywhere, so it is not going to come apart or leak. If you ever have a problem with your bag, it is covered with a 100% lifetime warranty. Just email us and we will take care of you.