Spear Point Precision Tripod Level II
  • Spear Point Precision Tripod Level II

    This is a law enforcement only tripod course designed to train the sniper or designated marksman in the fundamentals of shooting off a tripod. The course will take place on September 17-19, 2018. 


    When you have a tripod, you have a position in your hand and can set up in the most tactically adventageous position instead of being limited to the spot with the clear shot. 


    This course will give the student the skills to use a tripod to tactically support police operations with confidence. 


    Course price includes a tripod, Pig Saddle, SS Loophole Sling, lodging, and breakfast and lunch. 


    For more information or any questions contact rauchprecision@gmail.com


    Quotes for departments are available upon request.


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