Hunter Field Course

The Basic Field Skills Course gets the Hunter off the stand and out of the prone and teaches them the skills needed to confidently take long distance shots from tripods, the off hand, and improvised positions. Learning these skills will allow you to take a shot from any place regardless of your situation so that you will no longer be limited to the "perfect" spot to take the shot. Having these skills and confidence will increase your opportunity for a successful hunt. There is nothing worse than spotting your quarry and being unable to get to a postion fast enough or lack the confidence to take the shot from a supported position. 

Course Overview

The course will be taught at South Hills Ranch by highly trained and professional instructors who have both a passion for hunting as well as long distance precision shooting. The first day will start off in the classroom where classes will cover the fundamentals of a supported position, shooting sticks, Bog Pods, and the use of a tripod with a Hog Saddle. The class will then head out to the range for live fire application of all of the classes. The day will end with a debrief in the trophy room. The next morning, we will be back in the classroom to cover offhand shooting and improvised positions in a field environment. After the class we will head out to the range for some live fire practical application of what we covered in the classroom. The day will end with a graded drive-around course that will test the shooters ability to apply what they have learned over the past two days.

Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Course Requirements

  • Rifle

  • Scope with Ballistic Drop Compensator or MOA or Mil Turrets

  • 120 rounds of ammunition (minimum)

  • Sling

  • Shooting bag/sock

  • Small pack with/without frame (one that you would take hunting with you)

Suggested Packing List

Suggested Packing List

  • Sturdy Boots

  • Weather appropriate clothing

  • Toiletries

  • Note taking material (pen/pencil/notepad)

  • Rifle cleaning equipment

Subjects Covered

  • Fundamentals of Supported Shooting: Covers the essentials of shooting from a supported position and lays the foundation for the rest of the course.

  • Fundamentals of Offhand Shooting: Covers the essentials of shooting unsupported from the standing, kneeling and sitting including sling techniques. 

  • Improvised Position: Covers the essentials of identifying, building and firing from an improvised position.

Course Recommended Equipment

  • Laser Range Finder

  • Applied Ballistics Kestrel or equivalent

  • Personal shooting support or Tripod (Shooting sticks/ Hog Saddle)

  • Rifle mounted bipods

Scheduling and Pricing

Option 1: Create your own group of 4 students. (Limit 8) We will work with you on custom dates and discount to $775 each.

Option 2: Contact us and put your name on a list and we will create periodic classes from the list. We will send an email offering dates. If you can attend, then let us know and give a deposit. Price is $975.00

Option 3: Private/custom classes are available. Contact us to make arrangements. 

Pricing includes 2 days and 2 nights, food, and bunk house accommodations at South Hills Ranch.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.