PIG Saddle
SS Loophole Sling

Hog Saddle Tripod Course 

"A shot is rarely taken in the prone." This is the Hog Saddle motto and is true whether you are in the military, law enforcement, or are a hunter. The ability to take a shot regardless of the terrain is a powerful tool to have. The Hog Saddle Course is designed to familiarize the individual with the fundamentals of shooting off of a tripod. All of the training is based off of real world scenarios to set the shooter up for success. All courses are taught by prior Marine Corps Scout Snipers who have intimate knowledge of tripod shooting supported with real world experience. 

Course Overview

Duration: 2 Days

Classes: 5 hours

  • Principles of Shooting

  • Fundamentals of Supported Shooting

  • Tripod Shooting

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Training Philosophy and Development

Live fire training: 7.75 hours/200 rounds

  • Standing, Kneeling and Sitting Tripod Shoots

  • Bullseye Drills

  • Rapid Deployment Drills

  • Rapid Deployment Evaluations (RDE)

Price: $700/per student

Price includes: Tripod, Pig Saddle, and SS Loophole Sling. 

Pricing Options and Scheduling

You choose the date and location. Rauch Precision will come to you. This allows the training to be on your time, when it is most convenient.

Training is available without the purchase of tripod, Pig Saddle, and SS loophole sling. Price for this training is $435 per student.

Minimum course size is 6 students. The choice of training facility is up to you or can be negotiated by Rauch Precision and the range/facility fees will be added to the overall course cost. The Hog Saddle tripod course requires classroom facilities and a range with a minimum of 300 yards. For questions or further details please send an email.